Wendy Heller is an Innovation Fellow and Workplace Consultant at Steelcase.

Wendy is also a first generation Google Glass Explorer. She was picked as one of the original 8000 Glass Explorers and has been wearing Google Glass daily since June, 2013. Her tweet: “#ifihadglass: I would look people in the eye more often” clearly resonated with the Google Glass team. While wearing Google Glass, Wendy actually does find that she is able to better connect with people by engaging through eye contact and conversation. Her incessant need to look down to check her phone has mostly abated!

Steelcase designs for a wide variety of customer needs through three core brands: Steelcase, Turnstone and Coalesse. Our strategy is to grow by leveraging our deep understanding of the patterns of work, workers and workspaces to offer solutions for new ways of working, new customer markets and new geographies. The primary focus of these brands is the office furniture segment, but we also extend our capabilities to serve specialty needs in areas such as healthcare, education and distributed work.

Wendy joined Steelcase in 2007, after completing a Master’s Degree in Interior Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design. In her role at Steelcase, Wendy consults primarily with Interior Architects and Designers to help develop innovative work environments that meet the needs of each user group while leveraging the latest research and trends in Workplace Design. Wendy is also currently one of Steelcase’s Innovation Fellows. This program creates an internal innovation consulting practice and offers Steelcase employees an opportunity to explore a number of strategic projects and professional development opportunities towards the goal of developing the company’s future thought-leaders.

In addition to her role at Steelcase, Wendy also serves as an Adjunct Professor of Interior Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design’s Atlanta Campus, specializing in Corporate Interior Design Studios.

Prior to working for Steelcase, Wendy worked as an Interior Designer for the architecture firms of Perkins + Will and Cooper Carry, in Atlanta. Before beginning her career in Design, Wendy received a Master’s Degree in Education, and a Bachelor’s Degree in American History from the University of Michigan.

Twitter: @wendyheller