Stef Lewandowski is an award-winning designer, software developer and startup person, who playfully hacks on things that matter and lives by the maxim “create something every day”.

He is one of the founders of Makeshift, along with designer Nick Marsh and experienced entrepreneur Paul Birch. Makeshift is a London-based digital product company, with a “foundry” business model, that builds useful web/mobile/tech products aimed at ‘giving a leg up to the little guy’.

Prior to Makeshift, he co-founded Aframe, a cloud-based video production platform, as the technical founder, helped grow the company from two to over thirty staff, saw it through $10m of private investment and on to expansion in North America.

In the past he undertook a Clore Leadership Fellowship, sponsored by the Cultural Leadership Programme, having previously been more-or-less simultaneously involved in a boutique web agency (3form), a record label (Type), a creative industries membership organisation (Creative Republic), and a number of experimental startup projects and festivals.


Twitter: @Stef