Lisa studied New Media and Technology in Music and Related Arts at Oberlin College, graduating in 2010. Her work focused on interactive sound installations composed of sample collages that were triggered depending on the location and amount of listeners in the gallery space.

She was awarded the 2010-2011 Watson Fellowship, a travel and research grant funded by the Thomas J. Watson Foundation, to document electronic art practices around the world.

She has also worked as a handcrafted shoemaker and pattern maker. Recent projects include Audio Shoes, handcrafted shoes with space for audio circuits, and Open Fit, open source software to generate custom fit jeans on the fly.

In 2013, Lisa was awarded a scholarship in the Urban Codes studio of Fabrica, Benetton Group’s  communication research center, based in Italy. There she developed Lit Purse, a prototype for an interactive purse that lights when opened and tracks the wearer’s usage habits.

Currently she is investigating ways to translate traditional forms of pattern drafting and textile design into open source code.

Twitter: @lisakori