Ling Tan is an architecturally trained designer/artist born in Singapore. She graduated from UCL Bartlett and is currently based in London. Her main works focus on projects ranging from technology, graphic, branding/identity, to installation, interior design and architecture, producing award winning works that were publicised and featured in magazines and websites across the globe, such as Dezeen, Design Boom, Frame Magazine, Interior Design NYC Magazine and Surface Asia.

She is also a researcher in wearable/body-embedded technology. Her research explores the limits of human bearability, focusing on the ethical implication of such devices on the users and their interaction with the built environment. Her experiments and works employ the use of topical technologies such as 3D printers, brainwave reading, muscle and other body sensing devices as tools for investigation. She currently works as a designer at Umbrellium and is collaborating with researchers in neuroscience and interactive design on numerous upcoming projects.

LingQL / Umbrellium

Twitter: @LingQL