Jenny is a researcher and materialogist whose design practice revolves around exploring the intangible facets and contradictions of human nature.  Originally trained as an artisan, exploring traditional craftsmanship skills, Jenny went on to study at the prestigious school Central Saint Martins.

Since graduation, Jenny has set up her own design studio, Studio Aikieu, whilst also working at the University of Huddersfield to develop a new specialist area called ‘Material Alchemy’ that provides a platform for researchers to explore the intersection between science, technology, sustainability, utilising design as a tool for communication and creative expression.

Studio Aikieu continuously tracks key innovations, trends and cultural developments that will impact design thinking across all disciplines. Influenced by the principles of ‘co-design’, the studio forges collaborative partnerships with key industry players, as they believe to find creative solutions, involves working with individuals and organisations from different fields.

As such Studio Aikieu have worked in partnership with Scientists, Technologists, Botanists, Engineers, which has enabled the studio to provide fresh, innovative insight through the fabrication of thought-provoking outputs.

Working across all areas within the creative and business industry, Studio Aikieu has a keen interest and knowledge within the fields of science, technology, social anthropology and craftsmanship. The hybrid approach of their practice is grounded in aesthetic sensibilities and inherent codes of human design; which has inspired the cultivation of original ideas that make tangible the most poignant of our social, ethical and environmental futures.

Twitter: @aikieulee