Clara is a founding member and director of Vitamins, in charge of design and research.

She trained as an Industrial Designer at the Institute of Technology Politecnico in Turin, ran her own fashion label for 3 years in Berlin before coming to London where she studied Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College and Industrial Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art.

Clara was born in a small village lost in the mountains of Italy. She grew up between her mother’s fashion shop and her father’s mechanical factory, playing with textiles, sequins, metals and mechanisms from an early age. She is fascinated by industrial production and manufacturing processes, along with materials and fashion. Before founding Vitamins, Clara worked at the BBC Innovation Unit, and spent 2 years investigating the relationship between technology and people, as a Research Associate at the RCA’s Helen Hamlyn Centre, winning many awards for her pioneering user centered design process, amongst them the Futurelab Innovate to Educate Award, the Helen Hamlyn Award for Creativity, the Future Foundation Award for Inclusive Design Process, an IDEA Award and the Help the Aged Award for Independent Living.

Clara teaches Design and Innovation at Queen Mary University of London and Goldsmiths.