Adrian is a founding member and director of Vitamins, in charge of technology and magic.

He is interested in combining his background in electronic engineering and magic within the field of design. In 2007 he patented the Magic Light, a system to magically move spotlight beams using nothing but hand gestures. The project has taken led to consulting work with many of the major lighting brands worldwide, as well as gaining him the James Dyson Innovation Fellowship in 2007 and Royal Commission of 1851 Fellowship in 2010.

Adrian has an MEng in Electronic Engineering from Bristol University along with an MA in Industrial Design from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. He is also a Member of the Magic Circle. He teaches at Queen Mary University of London and Goldsmiths. Previously, he worked as an consultant inventor on a television series in Peru, Mexico and California, as well as several magic shows in the UK. He has worked as a technology consultant for creative collective Greyworld and the BBC, as well as for consumer electronics brands including Samsung, Nokia and BlackBerry, work which has taken him everywhere from Seoul to Vermont to Vienna – always with a pack of cards in his back pocket.